Christy Bartelt


Sometime around the middle of 2012 I left my corporate job to stay home with my two young sons.   Just one week into my new life I was hospitalized with a ruptured appendix and then contracted one of those pesky and inconvenient hospital "super bugs".   Even after I was released from the hospital I just could not heal.  My life turned into endless and significant pain, fatigue and brain fog.   What should have been an incredible time spent nurturing my young family was filled with unanswered questions and fear of my future. When doctors tried to convince me that this was just my new normal something clicked and I became determined to heal myself.

After a deep dive which involved following many rabbit trails into the world of whole food and nutrition I did what the doctors said was impossible, I healed my pain and restored my health.  Along the way I also watched the health of my family transform due to simple nutritional changes.   It was liberating to find my own power to heal, but even as my physical health returned I become aware that my mental health was also suffering and that lots of things buried in my past needed tending to as well.

Using my same dogged determination and research skills I set off to understand how I could also recover my mental and emotional well-being.    This journey has led me to discover the incredible healing power of the mind. I quickly became an avid meditator, devoured books on the neuroscience behind the plastic mind, and was delighted to find more joy and happiness then I thought would ever be available to me.   

As I experimented with different modalities that tapped into the mind body- connection, and how our minds store traumas (both big and small), I found tools that gave me incremental improvements.  I’ve used EFT (emotional freedom technique/tapping), EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), daily gratitude, the laws of quantum mechanics as related to emotional frequency, and the list goes on.   It wasn’t until I discovered Marisa Peer's RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) and had a session with one of her incredible therapists that I FINALLY found what I had been looking for: an extremely QUICK and EFFECTIVE way to release the emotional baggage I was carrying around.  RTT is the most incredible mind and health hack I’ve come across and in my opinion it is THE KEY to creating the life we were always destined for. 

Every baby comes onto this planet expecting to be loved without condition and having complete confidence in themselves.  It is the meaning we take from all variety of life events that can and do erode the unique miracle we were created to be.    RTT is a quick and effective process to discover unconscious programing and release limiting beliefs so we can move toward our ideal life.

Rapid Transformational Therapy can do in merely 1 to 3 sessions what it took years for me to painstakingly piece together through intensive study and practice and RTT has more profound results.  

I was fortunate to train directly with my teacher and mentor Marisa Peer live in Los Angeles in her first ever Rapid Transformation Therapist training in the United States.   I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist and mindful living coach. Let me help you upgrade your life.