Christy Bartelt


Clear Mind, Upgraded Life

You were born happy, unburdened and full of joy. 

Have you lost touch with your self worth, unable to find true joy in your life, are you plagued with health issues, or do you find yourself unable to make your dreams come true? 

Do you keep running into the same problems over and over again? 

-Anxiety, Panic attacks, Depression

-Bad Habits

-Fears and Phobias

-Cofidence and Self Worth

-Health Concerns

-Wealth Wiring


There is a solution.  Using a revolutionary new technique, Rapid Transformational Therapy, I guide you to see how events in your past have become lodged within your subconscious mind and continue to shape your behavior and beliefs without you even realizing it.  I will help you discover and release the limiting subconscious beliefs and stories that are placing uninvited limitations on your success, health, and happiness.  Can you imagine a life free of the problems and limitations currently holding you back?  That life is closer than you think.


Sound too good to be true?  Totally understandable.  But it's real!  Read these testimonials and become convinced that a life of freedom and ease is possible for YOU TOO!


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Christy is truly a gift. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for over 30 years of counseling and medication. In one session with Christy, I have experienced a complete removal of depression for almost a month now. I am so excited for my life moving forward. RTT has given me a miraculous recovery and lease on a new life purpose.
— John
I found Christy at exactly the time I needed her expertise. She quickly made me feel at ease, helped me identify a limiting belief, skillfully walked me through the process of eradicating it, and then gave me a 21 day assignment that reinforced my new belief. The whole process was friendly, comfortable and most importantly EFFECTIVE. Throughout the process, Christy was warm, professional and accessible. I very much appreciated her follow-up and support. I would recommend Christy in an instant.
— Name withheld for privacy
It’s abundantly clear how passionate Christy is about her therapy. Her warmth and intuition put me in a place of comfort. She has such a natural ability to say the words you have been longing to hear. Fireworks went off in my brain at one point. This experience has and continues to be truly transformational (this really is the best word). These words don’t even do justice to the inner experience I had.
— Name withheld for privacy
I was slightly apprehensive at first, not knowing fully what I was getting myself into, but I kept an open mind. The session was very calming and brought to the surface many thoughts and feelings that I have had bottled up. Christy did a fantastic job of explaining why these feelings were developed and how to look at those thoughts and feelings to create a more positive and understanding mind.”

”I really enjoyed how personal everything was. The session was driven by my own experience and thoughts, it wasn’t a “cookie cutter” or “recipe” that every person uses, it’s very specific to the individual.
— Name withheld for privacy



I will give you the tools you need so that you can change your life.  If you follow through with the process I promise that you will see the world and your life in a whole new way. 


About Me

Hi, I'm Christy

I'm an avid meditator, certified hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist, and into ALL things related to upgrading your life.

Want to get to know me a little better?  Read my entire story on the About Me page.  I'll see you there!